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Academic Programme

Integrated Syllabus: 
We cover the syllabus in a unique way by integrating the concepts from all the three syllabi SSC + CBSE + ICSE in a logical order without repetition.

Research Oriented Teaching:
Step1: Micro – level planning for teaching.
Teaching, the prerequisites [Basics & Fundamentals], concepts of a topic to be mastered and the linked sub-topics, is done from the prescribed text books with more illustrations.
Concept based level1, level 2, level 3, level 4 and level 5 worksheets are given daily for practice. The worksheets consist of questions from previous competitive exams and various international reference books.
At the end of each topic, Cumulative assignments consisting of problems based on multiple concepts are given.

Teacher student ratio:
According to International standards of education the teacher – student ratio should be 1 : 14. At LIVE, the total strength of the school is 3000 with a maximum class strength of 50. At any point of time there would be 3 teachers attending a class [1 Main Teacher with 2 associate teammates] which makes the teacher, student ratio as 1 : 15. 

Academic Workshop:

Our basic success formula is 1+1 system of academics i.e every teaching period is followed by a working period. Every class is subdivided into 5 sub – groups and each teacher guides his sub – group. In this way the LUMRA of learning gets completed within the class itself. 

Testing Pattern:

Every Wednesday, a test is conducted for 90 min on MAT(Mental Ability Test) in Resoning. This program ensures mastery of Logical Reasoning, which helps the child enjoy fruits in competitive Exams.

Every Saturday, a test is conducted for 90 min on CDF(concepts, definitions and formulae) in MPC. This program ensures mastery of fundamentals, which helps the child enjoy listening to the teaching class.

Every Monday, a test in conducted for 3 hours on IIT-JEE MODEL(Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics each one for 80Marks). All tests are answered on the OMR sheets. 

Every Saturday, a test is conducted for 90 min on Telugu and Biology or Hindi and Social for every alternative week. 

Every Friday, a test is conducted for 45 min on English.This program ensures written skills in languages.

Rectification- Error's List:
An error's list – is the list of error's made by a student given individually for every student and a period is allotted for the practice of the error's made.

The Counseling team consists of the Principal, the vice – Principal and the respective subject main faculty.

Smart Class Programme:
A class room is equipped with an Over Head LCD projector. The conventional teaching classes are supported by audio– visual teaching for better and clearer conceptual understanding

Projects play a very important role as they inculcate scientific temper, competitive spirit and a zeal to learn and excel among the students. Projects develop coordination ability and team spirit in work.

Our library is has  full of books both textual and reference

Relaxation Techniques: 
In order to cope with the lengthy academic activities, students are trained relaxation techniques through yoga and meditation. Three periods per week are allotted for each class.